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About Us

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My name is Sandra  and I have been cooking since I was 7 years old. Growing up I have always been very close to my Grandmother. She is the backbone to me learning how to cook and becoming a professional chef. I can remember my very first thing I cooked on my own. I was spending the summer with my grandmother helping her with house chores and cooking. I fell in love with cooking and baking. I was not allowed to touch the oven without her being present. One morning like  every morning I woke up early and went to my grandmothers room and asked her, Can you make me a fried egg? On this morning it was different. She told me, You can go make it! I went to the kitchen with no hesitation and without really thinking about it and started cooking my egg. Halfway through cooking, It  hit me. I was doing this without her. I was shocked and excited at the same time. I was doing it!  I was really cooking without grandma's help. I was smiling from ear to ear. I finished and put my egg in my plate and started to run back to my grandma's room. Then I saw her standing in the doorway of the kitchen with a smile on her face. She said you got it sugafoot. I smiled. 


 Grace Kelli Cupcakes LLC is a mother-daughter company.  I founded this company for my daughter and her love to cook and bake. We specialize in southern dishes. 

 Our business was born in 2017 in Manhattan NY. We stared working out of a shared kitchen In Harlem, Hot Bread Kitchen. We bring a classic southern charm with an "old fashioned" taste and God's amazing grace.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Be Blessed.

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